Welcome to Wikipedia siSwati, I'm happy you are here. I hope you enjoy helping this project. Thanks for your time and your contributions.

Ngiyabonga, umngani, ube neluhambo loluphephile. Jatrobat 09:32, 15 iNkhwekhweti 2011 (UTC)

Empty articlesEdit

Hello Ultratomio. Please, don't create articles without any information, that will be deleted. Thanks and regards. Jatrobat 09:59, 15 iNkhwekhweti 2011 (UTC)


Hello again. Please, do not write in English in the articles. This is the version of Wikipedia in SiSwati, no English. In addition, examples of births would be better if they were related to their culture and countries. Regards. Jatrobat 04:45, 16 iNkhwekhweti 2011 (UTC)