An administrator (also known as a sysop) is a user with the technical ability, within a particular Wikimedia wiki, to delete and undelete pages, and view deleted revisions of pages; block and unblock users, individual IP addresses, and ranges of IP addresses; protect and unprotect pages; import pages and edit the interface (the MediaWiki namespace).

The role and expectations of administrators, as well as the policies surrounding their behavior, vary widely among the different projects. However it seems that the mains projects (as english, german or french wikipedia) statued sysops don't have more right than the other users. Some wiki sites may not even have adopted written policies for administrators or candidates for adminship. This is usually due to limited users and activities.

In the Swati Wikipedia, elections for adminstrators are held on Wikipedia:Likhefi leinthanethi. At the moment, there are two administrators; Jatrobat and MF-Warburg.

Sysop rights can be given by a Bureaucrat or Steward, and taken away only by a steward.



In Wikimedia projects, a bureaucrat is a user who has the technical ability to:

  • Promote other users to administrator or bureaucrat
  • Grant and revoke a user's bot flag

Stewards fulfill these roles on wikis without bureaucrats using the m:requests for permissions page.

The Swati Wikipedia has no bureaucrat at the moment.